“Mack! We’re homeschooled! What were you doing cheating?!” Cheese questioned.

Mom had just sent Mack into his room. He had dried tears on his face and was still sniffling from the scolding. Cheese had heard the commotion. So he went into Mack’s room and started the interrogation.

Mack started his story, “Well here’s what happened: Mom sent me to the school room to do some self work and reading. Then I heard you had the TV on. Sounded like you was watching that episode of Brix Masters from the other night.”

Cheese interrupted, “It was. Continue.”

“Well I wanted to watch that too! So to speed things up, I found Mom’s book of answers and wrote the answers down. That way, I could finish early and join you watching the show.” Explained Mack.

“No way! Don’t bring me into this!” Cheese interrupted again.

“Whatever, bro! Just as I was finishing up with the answer book, Mom walked in. I was busted!” Mack confessed.

Cheese went into teaching mode, “Well you know that cheating is bad! Even I know that! I’m sorta surprised that you didn’t get a stricter punishment! I’m sure you won’t do that again, will you?! Cheating is not worth it!”

Mack agreed, “You’re absolutely right. I won’t be doing that anymore. I’ve lost TV privileges for a week. No movies and no video games.”

Cheese smiled, “Man! This week is gonna fly by! I’ll keep the volume down when I watch the new episode of Brix Masters.”

Mack stared at Cheese in disbelief.