“OK, let’s see! We’ve already had a great breakfast… check, we’re at a hotel… check, I saw a swimming pool… so check, let’s assume this hotel has wi-fi… CHECK! All my items will be checked off, so as I get into the pool! This vacation can be over!” Mack said.

Cheese shared his concern, “WELL! I haven’t seen any fireworks. So that must be where we’re going! Are we going to see fireworks now, Dad?”

“Uhhh, not quite, Son. We’re sorta going to the opposite. Water. It’s water fall chasing time!” Dad replied.
The boys got excited, “Alright!”

“Your Dad and I realized that we haven’t chased any waterfalls because of DAYVID! So here we are. I looked it up online and it’s a pretty easy, but scenic hike to the falls.” Mom said.

Dad handed us our hiking sticks and said, “Are you guys ready?!”
“Yessir!” Cheese yelled.

“Welcome to Mount Shadow. One of the highest peaks in the southeastern United States. We’re not climbing it today though. We’re gonna go up the Tubman Trail to the Franklin Falls.” Dad announced in his tour guide voice.

Mack took the lead and Dad followed behind everyone else. “Make sure your boots are tied tight guys. We don’t want any accidents. Mom, get your camera out. I know you want to take pictures. I’ll shout out when there’s stuff in the path to watch out for. Cheese, you whistle as we go through the woods! Dad, you be Dad and stay in the back!”

The two-mile hike was pretty easy. They passed a couple of families who started the trail before them. They were already heading back!

“They looked like they camped out here.” Cheese said. “They had backpacks, hiking sticks and sleeping bags!”

Mom shot that idea down quickly! “Don’t get any funny ideas, Cheese I’m not spinninnanite out here!”

The boys took off their boots and joined some other kids in the basin of the falls.
“Shouldn’t we be wearing our masks?” Mom asked Dad.

“Probably, but I think it’ll be pointless for the boys to wear them out there in that water. As long as they stay 6 ft away from the other kids, they’ll be alright!” replied Dad.

Mom unpacked the lunch and the family enjoyed lunch in the midst of the falls!