“Mack! Do you want to play outside? Like maybe ride our scooters and bikes? I think it’ll be fun.” Cheese asked.

Mack responded, “I would love to hang out with you. BUT I have been talking with Dad. He and I are gonna go for a long bike ride through the woods. Do you want to go with us?”

Cheese gave Mack a look of craziness, “Now you know my legs are not that long and I get tired easy. I would not be able to keep up!”

Mack thought about Cheese’s response for a second and said, “What if I ask Dad if we can just ride down the hill and around the parking lot of the abandoned mall? It’s pretty flat and open.”

Cheese agreed, “Yeah. Ask him! That sounds fun.”

Mack ran downstairs and found Dad lacing up his sneakers.

“Hey Dad. Can we just ride our bikes around the mall, so Cheese can go too?” asked Mack.

Dad thought for a second, looked at Mack and replied, “No.”