“A cell phone?! My very own cell phone?! YES! I got my own cell phone! Thanks Mom! Thanks Dad!” said Mack.
Cheese was in shock, “When do I get a cell phone? This is not fair! We are past Christmas and his birthday is a long time from now!”

Cheese huffed and puffed.

“Calm down. Calm down. Our new dog will be here next week. It has to get shipped from California.” said Dad.

Cheese perked up, “A dog?! REALLY?! What kind?”

Mom smiled, “Yes really! You guys have been so good and you are now old enough to take care of a dog. So we got you a dog. It is an African Terrier. And the phone, Mack, is so you don’t have to ask for ours to play games.”

Mack and Cheese were overjoyed with excitement. They have been waiting for this for a long time.

Cheese called Mack. “Hey Mack. Mack! It’s Cheese! Wake up! We are here.”

“What?” said Mack. “Where are we?”

“Dude, we are at the mall. You fell asleep as soon as we left the driveway!” Cheese informed him.

“Awww man! I had a GREAT dream! Mom and Dad got me a cell phone and the bought a dog for the family!” said Mack.

Mom and Dad laughed.
“Son. We are not getting you a cell phone yet. You don’t need one.” said Mom.

“And you guys are not ready to take care of a dog yet.” Dad added.