“Mack! I think you and I are getting cell phones today!” Cheese said excitedly.

“Say what?!? What makes you say that, bro?” asked Mack.

“Weeell. I was downstairs eating cereal in the kitchen. Mom and Dad were in the movie room talking. I don’t think they knew I could hear them in there. Dad really needs to learn how to whisper. He said, ‘Get Mack somethin somethin a phone.’ Then Mom said, ‘What about Cheese?’ And Dad just said, ‘Later.’ Then I ran upstairs to tell you the good news. The sooner you get your phone, the sooner I get mine!” answered Cheese.

“While I agree that Dad does not know how to whisper, I don’t think he said I’m getting a phone today. Let’s go ask him.” Said Mack.

Mack and Cheese found Mom and Dad still sitting in the movie room.

Mack started, “I thought I would find you here! Cheese said that you guys are buying me a cell phone. Is that true?”

Dad laughed and turned to Cheese, “And why would you say that?”

Cheese spoke up, “I heard you say ‘Get Mack a phone.’ So I told Mack.”

“If you would stop listening to grown folks’ conversations, you would know that I asked your Mom to ‘Get Mack’s piano teacher on the phone.’ We needed to make sure he’s working on the right stuff. Speaking of which, Mack, you need to go practice the piano. Your next lesson is in two days. Dad reminded him.