Mack and Cheese are usually great boys who don’t get into much trouble, but when they do… it’s usually pretty epic.
There was a knock and a doorbell ring at the front door. Mom answered it. It was our neighbor’s, Gary, mom. She whispered something into Mom’s ear.

Mom’s eyes opened wide, she calmly said, “Well thank you for telling me.”

Mom closed the front door and proceeded to yell our governments. “Maxwell! Keith!”

Mack and Cheese heard their names being called through the closed back door. They looked up from their newly built base and sprinted towards the house.

Cheese cracked open the back door, looked in and said, “Yes, Mom?”

Mom AND Dad were sitting on the couch.

Dad said, “Get your brother and yall come in the house! RIGHT NOW!”

“Come on, Mack” Cheese said as he tiptoed into the house.

Mom started, “Gary’s mom was just over here! Mr. Maxwell. Please tell me about the bad words you are saying to Gary!”

Mack’s eyes grew big and his jaws dropped! “Unbelievable.” He whispered.