“Mack! Grab your fishing rod. Let’s have a casting contest.” Said Cheese.

“A casting contest? What’s that? Did you just make that up?” asked Mack.

“No… well I mean sorta. When we go fishing we throw our lines far out into the pond, lake, or wherever we go, right? Well, the casting contest is throwing our lines but without water. One person throws their rod and lays it down. Then the other stands at the end other rod and casts their rod. Whosever line goes the fartherest wins.” Explained Cheese.

“Oh! That sounds fun. Let’s do it!” agreed Mack.

The boys got their rods down off the garage wall and went out into the backyard. Dad was out on the deck listening to music and relaxing.

“Hey boys! What are you guys up to?” Dad asked.

“We’re having a casting contest!” Cheese said proudly. “Will you be our judge?”

“As long as I can do it from here, sure!” agreed Dad.

“According to Cheese, you just have to tell us who threw the line the fartherest.” Said Mack.

“Just watch, Dad.” Said Cheese. “Let’s do some practice throws first, Mack.”

He drew a line in the yard and threw his line across the yard.