“OK boys! I don’t like to wake sleeping people, but it is time to get up. We have to start school.” Announced Mom.

“OK Mom! Let us brush our teeth. We know how you like fresh breath.” Said Mack.

Mack and Cheese got out of bed, got their morning chores done, got dressed, and met Mom in the schoolroom.

“OK Teacher Mom. What’s up?” asked Cheese as he pulled up his chair under the table.

“We’re gonna start with a science review. Mack, what can you tell me about Carbon?” Mom said.

Mack thought for a second, “Hmm. Carbon can be found anywhere you look. It is black and non-metallic!”

Mom smiled, “Good job. Way to remember. OK, Cheese what else can you tell me about Carbon?”

“It’s like a ninja, it can morph into charcoal and diamonds.” Replied Cheese.

“Yessir! You are correct as well. If Carbon is black, how can it be a diamond too?” Asked Mom.

“Umm, you break it?!” Guessed Mack.

“Nope. Guess again.” Said Mom.

“You mix it with glass?” Asked Mack.

“Nope. Close. You have to squeeze it with a lot of pressure and heat it up. You guys have to ask Dad to make us some diamonds.” Laughed Mom.