“Hey guys! I’m about to go drop off some letters at the post office. Do you guys wanna go?” asked Dad.

“I do!” shouted Mack.

“Understand that we are not going anywhere else.” Dad clarified.

“That’s fine. I have a couple of questions to ask while we are out.” replied Mack.

Dad laughed, “Oh really? Let’s go!”

Dad and Mack headed for the garage. Before the door closed, Cheese squeezed through. “Wait for me, guys!”

Before they got off of the street, Mack started with the questions. “Hey Dad. What is an umbilical cord?”

Dad’s eyes got wide, he swallowed, and then answered. “An umbilical cord is what connected you to mommy when you was in her belly.”

“So what happened to it when I came out of her belly?” asked Mack.

“I cut it off!” Dad laughed.

“WHAT?! You did?” shouted Cheese.

“I sure did. Wanna know where it went? Just look down at your belly.” explained Dad.

“So the umbilical cord turned into my belly?” Mack asked.

Dad slapped his forehead, “No, son! Close though.”