“CAMP NIGHT!” the boys shouted.
Camp night is when Mack & Cheese pull out their sleeping bags, tent, and “camp out” indoors. For tonight’s camp night, Mom bought the boys’ favorite candy: Whoppers for Cheese and Mike & Ikes for Mack. She also popped the boys some fresh popcorn, not that microwave bagged stuff.
The boys watched the latest Black Jaguar and Revengers movies from inside the tent.
As the credits started rolling, Cheese asked, “Hey Mack! You ready to go play some Brix?”
“I’m ALWAYS ready!” Mack replied and they played Brix for the next few hours.
They built cities, cars, boats, robots, trucks, and animals. Finally around 10pm, they slowly transitioned into bedtime. Teeth were brushed, baths were taken, and PJs were put on. After prayers and good nights from Mom and Dad, we turned the lights off and flicked on our flashlights. Time for some ghost stories.