“Hey Cheese! Here comes your bag on the luggage wheel. It finally came. Everyone else has their bag. Dad, are you gonna get it?” asked Mack.

Dad grabbed Cheese’s small blue suitcase from the moving belt. As they walked toward the exit, four ladies placed a chain of flowers around Mom, Dad, Mack, and Cheese’s necks. The boys’ leis were so long they almost touched the ground. The resort’s party bus was waiting for them just outside.

“Mom and Dad! Thank you for bringing us to Hawaii! I have never been here before” said Cheese.

“Yeah Dad! I like anywhere that has a beach or a pool or a waterslide. Mom, you said this place has all three, right!?” inquired Mack.

“Yessir it does” answered the Bus Driver. “And all of the snacks you can eat!”

Mack smiled, “This is going to be an awesome vacation!”

They arrived at their high-rise resort and went straight to their room. As soon as Dad opened the door, Cheese ran inside to pick a room.

He called out, “Hey Mack! Look at this room. It is huge AND it has two beds. I bet this room is ours! Let’s set up camp in here. Time to unpack!”

Mack agreed and got to work, “While I set up the video game system, you should set up the telescope on the balcony. The binoculars are in my bag beside it.”

“That’s it?! That’s all you want me to do? I can do more than that! I am going to set up our tent in here” argued Cheese.

Mack laughed, “Dude! That is not a camping tent. We are taking that tent to the beach for shade!”

“Oh!” Cheese said.