“Sometimes I wish I was in California again.” Said Cheese.

“What do you remember about California, Cheese?” asked Mack.

Cheese replied, “I remember so much! I played t-ball for the Braves. We went to the A’s games. We went to the Warriors game. We went to the Stockton Ports game, and I loved the Chinese food in the mall. It was the best!”

Mack thought about his memories of California too. “Yeah, all of that was cool but I remember all of the cool things we did. Like Tae Kwon Do, picking fruit like peaches, blueberries, and apples. Remember when we went to that big lake and it snowed?!”

“I sure do! Lake Tahoe! When we got there, it was no snow. We went to bed, woke up, and it was like five inches! Those were some good times. Let’s see if Mom and Dad will move us back out there!” plotted Cheese.

Mack ended the conversation, “You must like moving! I don’t like moving. I wish we could just teleport everything over in a snap of fingers. That would be so cool!”