“This DAYVID stuff is crazy! We cannot leave the house, cannot play with all of our friends, cannot go to school, and we cannot play with our friends!” fussed Mack.

“Dude! You said that we can’t go to school. You do know that we re homeschooled? AND while I agree that I miss playing with our friends too… you said that twice!” said Cheese.

“So what is your favorite thing about all of this staying at home, social distancing and lack of visiting?” Mack asked Cheese.

“Well, I think I said it before, I like doodling at lunch and I like that Dad is working from home. We get to sit in his ‘office’ and watch.” Answered Cheese. “What about you?”

Mack replied, “One thing I like is all of the games we play, like Uno, Brix Wars, Terf Wars, Sorry, Battleship, and Super Bounce. I also like working with Dad. One time, he let me talk for him to his coworkers. It was so cool!”

“I like some things about this but I’m ready for this to be over!” complained Cheese.

Mack agreed, “I am with you on that, Bro! Dad said it would only be 2 weeks! I wonder how long it will last!”