Cheese started explaining, “I know I did not do anything. Mack said ‘When I fake sneeze, you can leave.’ So I am leaving.” said Cheese.

“Stop right there!” said Dad. Cheese froze. Dad looked around the garage and saw Mack on top of his ladder. “What are you doing up there, son?”

“Oh! Hey Dad. What is up? Me? Up here? I was just looking for the tent, so Cheese and I could go set it up.” Mack replied.

“You should have asked! You fake sneezing for nothing! And got your brother acting like he is helpful.”

“Sorry, Dad. But that was a real sneeze. So where is the tent? I thought we would grab it from the garage, set it up for you, and then camp out back tonight.” said Mack.

“I already set the tent up out back. I bet you guys did not even notice it. I told your Mom to tell you whenever you guys came downstairs.” laughed Dad.

“You did? We snuck by her when we came out here. She did not even see us.” said Cheese.

Dad laughed again, “See where being sneaky got you guys. Messing around in the garage, when you could have been preparing the tent.”

“See you when you finish, Dad!” Mack said as they ran off to the backyard.