Cheese sighed, “It is cold outside and it is raining. That is a bad combination. No one wants to go out in that. What should we do today, bro?”

Mack stared out of the front window and down into the park. Nothing was moving except for a few cars passing by.

“Good question. We both know the park is out. Other than that, I have no clue. Let’s go find Mom and Dad.” Mack said.

Mack and Cheese got halfway down the stairs and saw Mom and Dad doing an internet workout with the TV.

“Well. They are gonna be a minute. Do you want to watch them until they finish? OR go back upstairs and figure out something to do?” asked Mack.

“Option number 2 without question. I would rather count Brix than watch them workout.” Replied Cheese.

“Speaking of Brix, I’ve got this Revenger set I haven’t opened yet. It’s one I got on Christmas.” Mack remembered.

Cheese’s eyes grew wide. “Christmas?!” He said. “Bro! It’s almost Christmas again. Let’s put this thing together right now!”

Mack pulled The Incredible Bulk Brix box down from his closet.

“WOW! This is the one with Black Jaguar in it! You know they became best friends in the last movie! This is the Revenger Lab where they share their scientific studies. This is going to be good!” said Mack.