So what do you do when you feel like being lazy and doing nothing? You keep sleeping! DUH!

Mom looked up at the clock… 11:00am. She mumbled to herself. “I cannot believe the boys are still sleeping! It’s time for them to get up. Breakfast is beyond cold!”She cleared her throat and yelled upstairs, “BOYS! Wake up! It’s getting late. You already missed your Saturday morning cartoons and breakfast is cold!”

Cheese came slowly down the stairs rubbing his eyes and said, “Saturdays are for video games, Mom! Not cartoons.”
“Well excuuuuse me! Where’s your brother?” asked Mom.

“He was still in bed, but I think he’s getting his morning chores done right now. I hear movement up there.” Said Cheese. “Mom! I know you cooked bacon in the oven! I can still smell it!”

Mom smiled, “You are correct, sir! But it’s cold! You guys slept in so late that it’s almost lunchtime. Therefore you will be having brunch when your brother gets downstairs!”

“Cool. I will make brunch! We will have bacon as an appetizer. And for the entrée, I will make some…”