“Hey Dad. Look at what I just built with my Brix blocks.” Said Cheese.

“Cool. What is it?” Dad said examining the plastic masterpiece.

“It’s a Revenger Attack Copter with fire cannons on the side, DUH!” Cheese replied proudly.

“Well excuse me. It is pretty cool though. I like the cannons.” Said Dad. Then he fired a side cannon across the room.

Cheese smiled, “Do you want to come build something with me?”

Dad replied, “Hold tight. Let me finish this episode of BBQ Wars first. This is the Brisket Battle.”

Cheese sighed then proceeded to sit on the couch beside Dad.

“Look at that, Dude! They chopped up the brisket and placed it into a soup. Looks delicious.” Cheese licked his lips. “You gotta get that recipe, Dad! I’ll go get started on the brisket.” Then hoped off of the couch.

“What about playing with the Brix?” asked Dad.

“Brisket is more important than blocks, Dad!” replied Cheese.

“Dad smiled, “That’s my boy!”