“SURPRISE!” Mom and Dad shouted.

They both bought Mack and Cheese some Brix sets. Mack got a car set and a helicopter set. Cheese got a car set and a Revenger set.

“Thank you, Mom! Thank you, Dad!” they both showed their appreciation with thanksgiving and hugs!

“Let’s go, Mack!” Cheese said as he grabbed his Brix boxes and sprinted towards the living room.

“Somebody start the clock. I am gonna build my helicopter first.” Said Mack.

“The car looks easy, so I am gonna build that one first. Hmmm. Red Ferrari. Mack. I am gonna need your assistance, Bro!” Cheese confided.

Mack replied, “Sure! No problem! I have to finish my build first.”

Cheese sighed and complained, “Well don’t take too long. I want to play with my car before bath time.”

“Well, you might have a problem. First of all, you are not the boss of me. I will finish when I finish. You are a lot older now. Try to do it yourself. When I was your age, I did it myself! If you start to struggle, THEN I will help.” Offered Mack.