When the Mack and Cheese got home, they opened their Brix sets. Mack got a castle set and Cheese got a dragon set. It took them a couple of hours to assemble the sets, but once they were complete… the battle began.

“My castle is too strong to be melted by a dragon!” said Mack. He had knights and horses out front standing guard.

“I’ll see about that!” Cheese gruffed in his dragon voice. He brought littler dragons, dogs and cats.
The boys played with the Brix for hours.

Mack looked out the window and saw that it was starting to get dark outside. When it gets dark outside, they know Mom is about to start making dinner.

“What’s for dinner, Mom?!” They both yelled at the same time.
Mom yelled back, “Chicken and rice.”

Cheese mumbled, “It’s always chicken and rice! We’re gonna turn into chickens.”

Mack added, “and rice!”