“OK Bro. I think I am feeling better now. Grab the Brix. Let’s build!” said Cheese in a stuffed up voice. He was better, but not back to 100%.

“Wipe your nose first, bro. We do not want snot on the Brix. That is just nasty.” said Mack.

Cheese grabbed some toilet paper from the bathroom and blew his nose.

“Oooo! That felt good! What are we building first?” Cheese said walking back into the room.

Mack sat on the floor dividing the Brix by color. “We have a whole lot of reds, blues, greens, and yellows. I think we can make a football stadium. Where are the instructions for the Philadelphia Beagles stadium?”

“They are down there in the instructions basket, duh! Look for it.” Cheese said.

Mack searched the through the basket and found the instruction manual almost at the bottom.

He thumbed through it, “Looks like we have to construct the football field first. Slide all of the green and white blocks this way. While I am building the field, you should gather all of the grey blocks. They are gonna make the stands. Since we do not have many grey Brix, we are gonna use the black ones too.”

Cheese lined the grey and black Brix up in a circle. “Since it’s a football stadium, let us make the field in the shape of a football.”