After about an hour at the falls, the family headed back to the car. This time, Cheese led the way.

Cheese announced, “I’m leading the way back because we have to get back fast!”

Mack sighed, “And why is that, Dude?”

Cheese stopped and turned around, “Tonight’s the night! Brix Masters comes on TV tonight!”

“Say no more! We have to watch that. Pick up the pace, Mom and Dad!” Mack added.

“I know! I’m so ready. Mom, set a timer for 8pm please! We can’t miss the premier.” Cheese demanded.

“Ok. I’ll do that. We can all watch it in our bedroom.” said Mom.

“No thanks. We’ll watch in the couch area of the room. That way… watch out for that tree branch, guys!… As I was saying. We’ll watch by the couch. That way we can build something with our Brix during the show!” Cheese negotiated.

“What are we going to build, Cheese? I should try a roller coaster or a train.” Mack said thinking out loud.

“Dude! We’re on a road trip in the mountains. We didn’t bring that many Brix with us! Speaking of which, Mom, Dad! We need you to stop by Bullseye on the way back to the hotel. We need more Brix. I’m trying to build a castle or a highway with spaceships.” said Cheese.

Dad gave his usual answer, “I’ll think about it.”

“While you think about that, I need you and Mom to think about being our judges!” Cheese suggested.

Mack agreed, “That’s a great idea! Let’s do this!”