Mack, Cheese, and Gary were out back playing in the woods.

“Guys, let’s build a clubhouse in one of these shorter trees. We can help each other build a house. So we’ll have 3 back here.” Said Mack.

“That’s a great idea, Mack! Let’s do it!” Gary agreed.

“Sounds like a plan, bro. Since I’m the youngest, we build mine first! It doesn’t have to be big. Just big enough to fit me. I’ll go find some bricks.” Said Cheese.

“Bricks?! We can’t build a brick house in the trees. They would be too heavy!” Mack said.

“No they’re not! You’ll see!” Cheese complained.

“Well Gary and I are going to find some wood. If you don’t use wood, we will use it for our treehouses.” Mack replied.

Cheese allowed Mack and Gary to make a wooden floor for his treehouse. But he wanted his walls to be made of brick, so he stacked some bricks up to begin his walls.

Cheese started, “See guys! My walls are gonna be strong!”

Then he pushed a brick and it came loose.

“LOOK OUT BELOW!” Cheese shouted.

**THUD!** “OUCH! Your wall fell on me!” cried Gary.

Mack rushed down out of the tree to check on Gary. “Are you ok? Is your arm bleeding?”