“Wake up, Cheese. It’s time to get dressed. Dad is cooking breakfast and after we eat, we are going down to the beach, remember?” said Mack.

Cheese rolled over on his bed, looked up at Mack, and said, “Awww man! It was only a dream! I was dreaming that you and I were about to drive to the store. And you was driving.”

Mack laughed, “Me? Driving? The only driving I have ever done was in Brixland!”

“I know.” said Cheese. “You said that in the dream!”

“Well how cool is that? But anyway. Get your morning chores done, get dressed, and come eat. The sooner breakfast is over, the sooner we get to the beach!” Mack said.

“OK. Tell Mom and Dad that The Champ is getting ready.” announced Cheese.

Mack went downstairs and joined his parents at the kitchen table.

“Where’s you brother, Maxwell?” asked Mom.

“You called me by my first name. Am I in trouble? The Champ says that he’s getting ready. I think we should eat without him.” replied Mack.

“That sounds like a plan, son. I do not like cold grits!” said Dad.