“OK, boys! Time for school! Let’s head up to the schoolroom.” Announced Mom.

“Already? We just ate, Mom. Can we get 10 minutes for our food to settle, then a little snack break?” asked Mack.

“Say what, son? That is not going to happen. Finish you juice and meet me in the schoolroom in 5 minutes.” Replied Mom.

Cheese laughed, “What were you thinking, bro? You knew better than that. Let’s go.”

Mack and Cheese drank their juice and went to go learn something.

“OK Mack. We are going to go over your math first. I have a one-minute math sheet for you. Let’s see how many you can get right in one minute… GO!” said Mom. “While he is doing that, Cheese bring me your ‘Just a Little Kid in the Woods’ book.”

Cheese thumbed through the bookshelf and found his reading book.

“Here you go Mom.” Said Cheese.

“Thank you, Cheese.” Mom turned to Mack. “OK. Stop! Your one-minute is up. Hand me your paper. Cheese. While I grade Mack’s quiz, read Chapter 6 to yourself.”

“Mom. That math test hurt my brain. Can we be done for the day?” requested Mack.

Mom replied, “If you answered every question and answered them correctly, we can take the rest of the day off.”