Mack walked into Cheese’s room with a defeated look on his face. Then he collapsed onto Cheese’s bed.

“Dude. What is wrong with you?” asked Cheese.

“Homeschool got the best of me today. Thankfully, the school day is over, man. At least for me, it is. Mom is taking a break before you have to go around there.” Mack said through a tired breath.

“Oh boy. Sounds like I am going to have fun. Is she in a good mood?” Cheese inquired.

“Yeah, Mom is fine. It’s just my work. Some things I had trouble understanding and it made my brain hurt. Matter of fact, my brain STILL hurts. If I can tell my legs to move, I am going to my room to lay down for a bit.” said Mack.

Mom yelled Cheese’s name. His school day was about to begin. He found Mom sitting at the schoolroom table with the Math,
Science, and Phonics books wide open.

Cheese spoke up, “Will today’s lessons make my brain hurt? Mack said his brain was broken and he needed to take a nap.”

Mom replied, “Well son. Your attitude determines how good your day will be. Think good thoughts.”