“This is not the time to get sick. Everybody is watching everyone.” Mack said. “I heard that on the news. I think they said the whole world is getting sick.”

Cheese interrupted, “Well I’m not sick, so it can’t be the whole world, dude!”

Dad chimed in, “I don’t think that’s what they meant, guys. Go potty, wash your hands, and get ready to go to lunch. Just us guys.”

Cheese came down the stairs with his hands still wet. “I’m ready, Dad! And I don’t need a coat. It’s hot outside.”

The boys picked out Toobie Ruesday’s, of course. Dad didn’t mind because they have a $5 lunch special going. Pizza, corn dogs, and a burger is what the trio decided to order.

On the way home, Mack and Cheese recapped what they talked about at lunch.

“Hey Cheese! We have to remember to play nice with each other. We shouldn’t be fighting. It gets us into trouble EVERY TIME!” started Mack.

Cheese agreed, “I know that, Mack. But when you breathe on me and tell me what to do, I don’t like it!”