“Hey boys. What are you guys doing today?” asked Dad.

“Ahh. Nothing much. It’s Saturday, so we’ll go down and watch cartoons. Then either play some video games, play outside, or build with Brix.” replied Mack.

“What do you have in mind, Dad? Sounds like you have a plan or an idea of something to do.” Cheese said.

“You’re a smart one, Mr. Cheese. I, in fact, do have a plan for today. I went to the archery range the other day and I think you guys would have fun going out there too. You haven’t practiced your bows in a while. So grab your bows and arrows and let’s go!” suggested Dad.

“What about Mom?” asked Mack.

“I’ve talked to Mom already. She doesn’t want to go. I showed her pictures and videos. She says, ‘It’s too woodsy!’ Whatever that means. This place has box targets and 3-D animal targets. So are we going? Or are we going?!” Dad said excitedly.

“I’m in! Mack, you can stay here if you want. But Dad and I are OUTTA here!” said Cheese.

Mack agreed, “Oh I’m going too! We can play video games on a rainy day. Let’s go!”