“Dude! You left a box of Brix in my room.” said Mack. “I should keep them.”

“I think you shouldn’t. They are mine!” argued Cheese.

“Here! Take them!” Mack said. throwing the box into Cheese’s room.

“Now look what you have done! This is a mess! Help me clean it up!” yelled Cheese.

“Uhhh, no, I won’t!” replied Mack and he turned to leave.

Cheese tripped Mack’s foot and made him fall onto his hands and face. Mack wiped his mouth and looked at his hand.

“You are lucky that my mouth isn’t bleeding. You do that again and I am telling Mom!” Mack fussed.

“Tell Mom! I don’t care. Mom wouldn’t believe you anyway!” Cheese said.

“Mom wouldn’t believe what?” Mom asked. “I heard you guys fussin’ then I heard a bump while I was downstairs. I figured that I would come and see what you guys are doing.”

Cheese spoke first, “Ahhh nothing much, Mom!”

Mack disagreed, “Oh! There’s something much, Mom! Cheese got mad at me because I wouldn’t help him clean his messy room. THEN he tripped me up. LOOK!” Mack pointed across the hall to Cheese’s room.

“KEITH! Get in that room and clean that mess up!” ordered Mom. “You know better that that.”

Mack stood behind Mom and laughed at Cheese.