Bowling day was a success. Although Mom won as expected, Cheese came in second and bragged all the way home.

“Since Mom is a professional bowler, her scores didn’t count. Which makes me the winner!” announced Cheese.

“The only reason you scored that high was because you had the bumpers up. Next time, we take them down!” laughed Mack.

Cheese smiled, “I still won. Let’s go upstairs and draw or write about today.”

“What am I gonna say? ‘Cheese beat me in bowling today!’ I think not. I’m gonna draw a picture of how my bowling pins exploded when I got my strike! It was a pretty sight!” Mack said.

Cheese walked into his room and laid across his bed. Mack did the same in his room.

“Bro. I’m too tired to do anything right now. Drawing and writing may have sounded good, but I can go for a nap right now. Plus my arm is tired.” Said Mack.

“I wish I could say the same but I’m just tired from beating y’all!” laughed Cheese.

Mack ignored Cheese’s comment and asked for a favor. “I’m about to take this nap. Wake me up in 30 minutes, bro.”