Dad was laid out on the couch fast asleep when Cheese came running down the stairs. He nudged Dad… **correction** Cheese shoved Dad, waking him up out of his nap.

“Wake up, Dad. I have an idea. We haven’t gone to the bowling alley in a long time. I think we should go today. Like right now.” Announced Cheese.

“Huh? What? What happened?” Dad looked around and saw Cheese standing right in front of his face.

Cheese said, “Get up Dad. You’re driving us to the bowling alley.”

Surprisingly, Dad agreed, “OK. Let me get my shoes on. You and your brother go use the bathroom before we go! Bowling alley bathrooms are usually dirty.”

The bowling alley was across town, so it didn’t take them long to get there. Mom bowled on her college’s bowling team, so she was pretty good. Dad, not so much. Mom even had her own ball and shoes.

“Mack goes first, Cheese goes second, Dad goes next, and I will go last.” Mom instructed.

“Dad, before we begin, can you order a pizza, French fries, and a pitcher of soda? I think we’re hungry! Right guys?” said Cheese.

“If you and your brother get a strike, RIGHT NOW, I will go buy it after my turn.” Dad negotiated.

Mack got up to the line and slowly rolled his ball down the middle of the lane.