“Let’s just go outside and play.” Said Mack. He was visibly bored. He went downstairs and found Mom in the kitchen. “Mom, can we go outside?”

“Yeah sure! Grab me a water from out of the pantry before y’all go. And make sure you take one for yourself. Even though it is still early in the day, it is still hot outside.” Mom said.

Mack and Cheese ran outside hoping to find more kids outside, but it was just them. It was about 11am on a Wednesday, all of the neighborhood kids were at school.

Cheese thought outloud, “Gary must be on the schedule where he has to go into school on Wednesdays and virtual on Mondays and Tuesdays. DAYVID has changed everything… I am so over it!”

“I guess we have all of the bases and forts to ourselves, Cheese.” Announced Mack.

“YEP! And I claim this one” said Cheese as he climbed up into one of the trees.

“That base is not safe, watch this!” Mack proceeded to shoot Cheese with his Terf gun.

“Ouch! That hit me on my bottom!” said Cheese rubbing his bottom.

Mack laughed, “Told ya! You have to do better” He ran down the hill and out of Cheese’s view. “Come find me!”