Dad’s ears and eyebrows perked up, “A brisket?!”

Mack responded, “Yeah! We want to make one with Mom!”

Dad’s heartbeat slowed down a bit, “OK! As long as it is MOM and not ME!

At the local library, Mack found the robot section and Cheese rummaged through cookbooks and recipes for various briskets. And they each found a book they liked. On the way home, Dad grabbed a slab of brisket for the grill.

“Mom! We got you a brisket!” Cheese said as he burst through the kitchen door.

“A brisket!? What am I supposed to do with a brisket?” Mom said curiously.

Mack began negotiating, “We want to smoke it with you. Cheese found the perfect recipe and we have all of the needed ingredients. So you can’t say ‘No!’”

Mom asked, “OK, so how do we do this?”

Cheese started, “First we make the rub and rub the brisket. Then we plastic wrap it and put it in the fridge overnight.”

Mack finished, “We have to get up early and smoke it at 200 degrees for 12 hours! BAM! Brisket DONE!”

Mom inquired, “How do yall know all of this?”

“The library!” Mack answered.