“I’m tired of this game! Let’s go to the library!” said Cheese throwing down his Terf gun and walking toward the house. “I feel like learning something.”

“Learning something?!” Mack mocked. “It’s a Saturday. It’s the weekend. These are play days, dude!”

Cheese agreed, “Yeah, I know but I want Dad to go to the library with us. He never goes when we go.”

Mack debated, “That’s because he’s at work when we go during school days. If we go to the library, I’m going to check out a robot book. I think I want to build a Brix robot that moves.”

Cheese planned, “I want a cookbook! I think I want to make a brisket with Mom. Remember when we saw it on the food TV show?”

Mack licked his lips, “I do remember that!”

Cheese yelled downstairs, “Dad, can we go to the library and make a brisket?”