“Mom! Do we have any boneless, skinless chicken breasts?” asked Cheese. “Also, cheese, bread crumbs, eggs, and olive oil. I also need a Blue Chicken Cord recipe.”

Mom was puzzled, “Do you mean a Chicken Cordon Bleu recipe?”

“YES!!! That is it! I may not know how to say it, but we are gonna see if I know how to make it.” Cheese said.

For the next hour and a half, Cheese worked his way around the kitchen to make his “signature” dish… well actually, Cheese directed Mom around the kitchen to make the dish that he was supposed to be making.

As they sat at the dinner table, Mack complimented the chef. “Mom, this is great! Thanks for cooking!”

Cheese interrupted, “That was not Mom! That was me! I cooked the Blue Chicken Cord. So… you are welcome!”

“You did great, son. I liked it too.” Said Dad. “What do you plan to make next?”

“I am not sure yet. But can you help me make it, Dad?” requested Cheese.