“Get out of the way! Make rooooom!” shouted Mack running towards the bathroom.

He was holding his nose with his right hand and cupped his chin with his left. Cheese watched as Mom and Mack went into the bathroom.

Cheese thought to himself, “Hmmm. That looked like blood. I guess his nose is bleeding.”

Mack hung his head over the sink and blew his nose.

“OK, let’s get it all out. Blow your nose, wipe your face, and then pinch your nose shut.” Mom directed Mack.

She took a look up his nose. “OK, you should be good.” And patted him on his bottom.

“You OK, bro!?” asked Cheese.

“Yeah, I’m good. Just a nosebleed. Let’s go build some Brix. I’ve been dreaming about crafting this futuristic type city with round buildings and a train rail surrounding it. Almost like an Atlantis but not underwater.” envisioned Mack.

“Sounds good. I will get some rollercoaster tracks from my amusement park set. How do we make round buildings though? I don’t have many Brix that connect on the sides.” said Cheese.