Mack came down the stairs and headed for the kitchen. “Mom, can I go outside? I see Gary is out there playing.”

“Sure! But don’t go too far. It’s almost time for lunch.” Mom replied.

“OK, Mom! Don’t go far.” answered Mack. He turned and yelled upstairs. “Cheeeese! I’m going outside to play!”

Cheese came running down the stairs. “Wait for me!” Then he turned to Mom. “Can I go outside too?!”

“Just like I told Mack. Don’t go too far. Lunch is almost ready!”

And just like that the boys sprinted out of the back door.
Mack and Cheese joined their friend, Gary, in their shelter.

Cheese spoke first, “Hey Gary! Who’s your friend?”

“I’m Sam. I live on the other side of the neighborhood. I go to school with Gary.” He said.

Mack gave his a fist bump, “Nice to meet you Sam!”

Gary said “We were just about to play Army Base! Mack you can be on my team and Sam and Cheese can be on the other side.”

Cheese prefers to be on teams with his brother, but Mack had already went to hide with Gary. So he had to settle for Sam.

Cheese shouted “You’re not the boss of me!”

Mack peaked from their bunker and saw Cheese and Sam arguing. Then he saw Sam jump on Cheese!

“GET OFF MY BROTHER!” Mack shouted as he made his way to the scuffle. Sam must have weighed 500 pounds, it took all of Mack’s might to get him off of Cheese. Cheese’s eyes were watering and I don’t blame him. Sam was like a giant 10 year old.

Mack said more calmly, “Dude! Get off of my brother.”

Cheese wasn’t fighting back and wasn’t planning to. Mack was ready to give Sam a knuckle sandwich in honor of his little brother. But he didn’t. Sam saw Mack’s balled up fist and backed off. Mack walked Cheese back to the house.

Mack hugged his brother, “Are you alright?! Let’s go inside. It’s time for lunch anyway!”
Mack and Cheese don’t condone violence. However, when your family needs help, you should always work to help them out of unfair or unequal circumstances.