“Tag! You are it!” yelled Mack.

Then he ran down the stairs and out of the garage. Cheese was not as fast as Mack. So when he opened the garage door, Mack was pedaling halfway down the driveway.

Cheese ran to the edge of the driveway and yelled back at him, “You gotta come back! You don’t have your helmet on!”

Mack tapped his head. “Man! He is right!” He said to himself.

He made a quick u-turn and slowly made his way back to the house. Mom and Dad made the “No biking without a helmet” rule when the boys learned how to ride.

Cheese tagged Mack as he crossed into the yard by the mailbox. “Tag! You are it!” He smiled and ran into the house.

He did not notice that he pushed Mack off balance and he fell to the ground. Mack landed half on the driveway and half on the grass.

“OUCH!” cried Mack. “Cheese is gonna pay for this!”

He looked down at his arm. A patch of his brown skin was now dripping red.

On the way to the bathroom, he yelled. “Moooooom! HELP! I’m bleeding! My arm is about to fall off!”