Cheese walked sluggishly into Dad’s temporary office. He had been working from home due to DAYVID for the past 6 months. Cheese plopped down on the bean bag and let out a big sigh.

“What’s wrong Buddy?” Dad asked.

“Mom kicked me out of the kitchen while her and Mack make a cake.” Cheese replied. “I only wanted to watch but she told me to ‘Get off the stool, so your brother can use it.’ So I did and here I am.”

“Well it does not sound like she kicked you out. We all know how much you love baking. You should go ask her if you can watch, bud.” Said Dad.

Cheese got up and walked out of the door and said, “Thanks for the advice, Dad! Good talk!”

Then Cheese went downstairs.

“Mom. When you kicked me out of the kitchen, that was not very nice.” Cheese said.

A surprised look came over Mom’s face and she said, “I did not kick you out of the kitchen. I just needed you to get off the stool so Mack could use it.”

“OH!” Cheese replied. “I told Dad that you kicked me out when you made me get off the stool.”

“Oh no, my love! We just needed some room.” Mom laughed.

Cheese let out a sigh of relief, “Well next time, I’ll know better.”