“YES! It’s Mom’s birthday!” Cheese yell-whispered.

“C’mon Cheese! I am trying to sleep, man! Give me a couple of minutes.” Mack grumbled from his bed.

“Well while you sleep, I am going to get Dad and we are gonna start breakfast.” Cheese walked away into Mom and Dad’s room.

“Dad” Cheese nudged Dad awake. “Let’s go make breakfast for Mom!”

“OK! I will meet you downstairs.” Dad mumbled.

10 minutes later, Dad made it downstairs. Mack was at the stove mixing pancake mix in his apron. Cheese was pushing the heart shaped cookie cutter into the cinnamon raisin bread.

“Grab the spatula and pan. Let’s get these flapjacks flappin’!” Mack directed Dad and continued to instruct Cheese. “You! Grab the bacon, eggs, and fruit. Not all at one time though. You might drop them. Take your time.”

Cheese saluted, “Yes Sir!”

Dad looked around the kitchen, “Mack! What are you doing besides running your mouth? Help us out here!”

“But Dad we need someone to keep us on task!” Mack argued.

“Well if we need that person… I’m here to get the job done. Here!” Dad passed Mack the spatula and he got the flapjacks flappin!

Dad did a pretty good job directing and supervising. 5 minutes later, they were all done and calling Mom downstairs for her birthday breakfast!