Cheese rolled over on his bed and looked at his clock. The time was now 12:03am. He wiped his eyes, jumped out of bed, and slid into his slippers.

Cheese ran into Mom and Dad’s room yelling, “Wake up! We’re late!”

“Late for what?” Mom asked half-asleep.

“It’s my BIRTHDAY!” he yelled.

“Son, if you don’t stop yelling and jumping on my bed, there will be no more celebrating today! It’s too early. Come here, get your birthday hugs, and go back to sleep… for about 8 more hours.” said Dad.

Cheese hugged Mom and Dad and left their room. Except he didn’t go back to his room, he went downstairs to the kitchen.

“I’m about to bake some birthday cookies! The smell is gonna go all through the house and they will all wake up!” Cheese thought.

Cheese gathered the ingredients: oatmeal, raisins, brown sugar, chocolate, flour, eggs, and the rest of the cookie stuff. He swiftly got to work. But he had underestimated the process. It wasn’t the smell that woke everybody up, it was the noise of the mixing.

Mom yelled, “What are you doing?!”