Cheese shouted, “MACK! I almost got it!”

Mack has a puzzled look on his face, “Almost got what?”

“My bicycle! I can ride with no training wheels. Dad said with a little more practice, I’ll have it down. It was like I was floating. He’s gonna work with me until I’m ready to ride with you guys!” Cheese was beaming from ear to ear! This was a big deal in his life. It’s a big deal in ANY kid’s life!

Mack was amazed and proud of his little brother, “Tell me more, Dude!”

Cheese puffed out his chest and said, “Well you remember how I would only ride my balance bike? Well I did that first, then Dad held my shirt on the big bike, and then he let go. I didn’t know that he had let go. When I looked back, he wasn’t there, then I kept pedaling!” Still impressed with himself, he continued, “I think Dad recorded most of it. I’m gonna ask him to put it on the internet. I’m gonna tell EVERYBODY! One day, I’m gonna race you Dude! I’m probably gonna win too. Dad says I’m fast!”