“Hear ye! Hear ye! Come one! Come all! The show is about to begin!” The announcer said over the public address system.

“Mom! Dad! Come on! They are letting people under the big top now.” Said Cheese.

This was the boys’ first trip to the circus and probably their last. Folks were protesting against circuses so much, that they were going bankrupt.

Dad looked around the tent, “MAN! There’s only a handful of people in here. Back when I was your age, the circuses would be packed.”

“Do you think they will have elephants and acrobats, Dad?” asked Mack.

“I’m not sure, son. Their flier showed clowns, acrobats, and motorcycles. I wonder what’s in that box down there on that table.” Dad said.

The Ringmaster started, “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! My name is Big Al and I’m your ringleader! Let me introduce you to my assistant, Miss Annie!”

He tapped the box on the table twice and all of the sides fell down to reveal a lady folded up in the shape of the box.

Mack’s eyes grew wide! “Whoa! I can do that! You guys know that I’m flexible! LOOK!”