“Alright, we are here for 7 more days. We are going to the pineapples one day. What else are we doing? I hear there are volcanoes here. We should go see those and look for lava!” said Cheese.

“YES! I like lava! Write that down!” agreed Mack.

Mom laughed, “Well lave is hot, guys. And I do not want my feet to burn off like a bad game of The Floor is Lava!”

“Oh yeah! But this is real lava. Your feet will definitely burn off if you step in it. What else are we going to do, Dad?” asked Cheese.

“Let’s let Mom decide on something.” Mack turned to Mom and continued. “Hey Mom open up your traveling app and see what kind of African-American sites are on the island.”

“Good idea, Mack.” Mom said, as she started typing and swiping on her phone. “Says here that there is an Obama Africana Museum just down the street.”

“Oh yeah! That is right! He was born here! Let’s go. We don’t have to stay long.” said Mack.

“Ok everyone! May I have your attention! We need not get carried away!” said Cheese. “I have yet to hear anyone mention going to the beach. Let’s get that on the schedule soon!”

“Oh! Yes! Good point, bro! Write that down, Mom!” Mack said.