“Cheese, grab your bike. It’s time to go for a ride.” Mack directed. “And don’t forget your helmet. We’re gonna need it!”

“This sounds fun. Let’s go.” smiled Cheese.

Mack and Cheese ran past Mom cooking lunch in the kitchen.

“Where are you guys running off to?” Mom asked.

“The neighborhood kids are getting together for a big bike ride. We have to go meet up with them. Can we go?” asked Mack.

“As long as yall be safe and be back when you’re supposed to be!” replied Mom.

Cheese spoke up, “Yes ma’am! Be right back! Come on Mack!”

The boys rode down the driveway and met up with the other kids on their bicycles.

“Hey Mack! Hey Cheese! Glad you guys could make it. We are ready to go!” said Gary. About 20 bikes weaved down the streets and turned corners. They created ramps out of ditches and popped wheelies.

“Hey Mack… It’s getting dark. We’ve been ridin for a while. Let’s head back to the house before the street light come on.” Cheese whispered to Mack.

Mack looked around, “You’re right. Let’s slow down, fall to the back of the pack, and go home. I’m getting tired anyway.”

Cheese laughed, “Exactly. We need to do this more often though.”