“Boys. We are going to wait in the car while your Dad gets his DAYVID vaccination shot. Now that the state is in Phase 2b, he can get it.” Mom announced.

“When are you getting yours?” Cheese asked.

“I will get mine next month. We don’t want to get them at the same time because we don’t know how our bodies will react. We may get sick.” Said Mom.

“That makes sense. Because if the two of you are sick at the same time, Cheese and I will have to take care of the house. Which means I will have to drive and get the groceries.” Mack said.

Mom laughed, “DRIVE?! What do you know about driving?”

“I know enough to get to the store and back. I watch you and Dad drive all the time. When you guys let me ride up in the front, I’m really gonna know how to drive!” replied Mack.

Cheese co-signed, “Yeah, Mom. I think he does know how to drive!”

“OK! When your Dad comes back, I’m going to find a flat dirt road or an empty parking lot and then let you drive.” Mom said.

“Really?! I was about to take Cheese to the store a couple of weeks ago, but you was gone. So I didn’t have your car to drive AND Dad’s truck is too big for me.” Mack said excitedly.

“Well, I’m glad I was gone. You AND me can get in trouble if you drove a car by yourself.” Mom said.