“Put your foot up here, Cheese. And I will help you get into this tree.” directed Mack.

“OK. When I do it, make sure you pull me up!” Cheese said.

“Well in that case, let’s go down to the beach. I am not pulling you up!” suggested Mack.

Mack and Cheese ran over to Mom and Dad.

Cheese took charge, “Mom! Dad! Get off of the bench. We wanna go to the beach!”

Dad got excited, “That sounds like a plan. I need to get some beach time!”

Everyone changed into their beach gear. Mack and Cheese grabbed their beach tool buckets and jumped into the car. The beach was right around the corner. It took them 10 minutes to go from their cottage to the seashore.

“Come on Mack. Dig a hole so you can cover me up to my neck!” requested Cheese.

“Uhhh! I don’t think so. How about I dig the hole and YOU cover ME up to MY neck?! Covering me is easier than digging a hole!” said Mack.

“You got a point there, bro!” Let’s get started.” Cheese said. “Mom! Dad! Grab a shovel.”