“OK Dad. I’m gonna make breakfast for everybody. Then we’re going shopping. OK? Cool!” Cheese said without waiting for a response.

“Do you know how to make breakfast?” Dad asked.

“Sure I do! I need 4 bowls, cereal, milk, and 4 spoons. We’re having cereal. Which kind would you like?” replied Cheese.

Dad sighed and said, “The best cereal in the world, Frosty Flakes!”

“They’re good. But not that good. They are plain. Almost as plain as Corny Flakes.” Cheese argued.

“Is that so? What’s the best cereal then?” Dad challenged Cheese.

Cheese paused for a minute and thought. “Hmmm. There are so many better than Frosty Flakes. Since I have to pick one… I would have to say… Major Crunch! They’re sweet and crunchy. Sometimes they come with a toy!”

Dad said, “I forgot who I was talking to. You’re a kid and you like kid cereals. Go find your mother and brother and see which cereals are their favorites. I bet it won’t be Major Crunch!”