“Let me out of here, Cheese!” Mack shouted.

He pulled on the door, but it would open just a little bit. Cheese had tied his bathrobe belt to the doorknob and Mack could not get out.

“Mooooom!” Mack shouted again. Mom came running up the stairs.

“What is going on up here, guys!?” asked Mom.

She looked into Cheese’s room. He was laying across his bed watching TV.

Mack cracked open the bathroom door again. “In here, Mom! I’m glad you came! Cheese trapped me in the bathroom and I can’t get out. Can you help me?”

Mom stared at the doorknob and said, “I will see what I can do.”

Mom pulled on the belt in an attempt to loosen it. Then she started sweating. After about 10 attempts, she managed to untie it.

Mack smiled, “Thanks, Mom!… Cheese, that was not nice at all!”

Mom turned around, “Speaking of Cheese… KEITH!!!” she yelled. “Turn that TV off and come here! NOW!”

Cheese did as he was told and was now standing in front of Mom.

Mom asked, “OK! What made you lock your brother in the bathroom?”

Cheese started crying, “He said that Santa wasn’t coming this year because of DAYVID!”