Mom sat down on Cheese’s bed and gave him a hug. “Cheese as far as I know, Santa will still be coming this year. I sent him an email last week just to see how he was doing. He said he was doing well. His nose was running, but it was nothing for anyone to worry about.”

Cheese stopped crying and stared at Mom with his mouth wide open, “REALLY?!”

“Really.” Mom confirmed.

“Well in that case, I should go apologize to Mack, huh?” Cheese asked.

“Yes sir. I think you should.” Mom agreed.

Cheese got down off of his bed and walked into Mack’s room.

“Dude! You need to knock!” shouted Mack.

He was still upset with Cheese for locking him in the bathroom. Cheese knocked and walked in.

Cheese started, “Hey Bro. I know you are probably still mad at me. I had a talk with Mom about Santa. She talked to him and he said that he is still coming. Knowing that your story is a fake, I apologize for trapping you in the bathroom.”

“I accept your apology on one condition, you show me how you set up the bathroom trap!” Mack said.

“DEAL!” Cheese agreed.