“QUICK! Go grab the shovel. It is time to dig and build our battle base.” Mack ordered.

Cheese ran around to the front of the house. He grabbed gloves, sticks, and shovels from the garage.

“Got em!” shouted Cheese.

“OK, here we go.” Mack said as he laid the sticks on the ground in a rectangle shape. “Dig alongside these sticks and let’s create our base.”

Cheese started digging, “How deep?”

“You don’t have to dig deep. Just enough to make a line in the grass back here. Once you finish the rectangle, we will clear the inside of the rectangle. I will go grab some wood, so we can build the shelter.” designed Mack.

“Roger that!” Cheese said as he saluted Mack.

About an hour later, the base had waist high walls and a small door in the back. Cheese went in and ducked down behind the wall. “Hey Mack! Can you see me?”

Mack replied, “I sure can’t! That means our work here is done! Base complete!”